Tech Tip (LISTSERV Maestro) Issue 4 2007

Q: I have several LISTSERV Maestro accounts in different groups. Is there an easy way to switch between different accounts?

Answer by Françoise Becker
VP Software Engineering, L-Soft

The LISTSERV Maestro site administrator can set up an "identity" for you to let Maestro know that all the different accounts belong to the same individual. Once this is set up, you can log in once, under one account, and then switch back and forth between all of your accounts. If the site administrator also maps an email address to your identity, you can also switch back and forth between LISTSERV Maestro and the LISTSERV Web Interface.

Setting up an Identity

From the Administration Hub home page, click on the Administer User Accounts icon. The Administer User Accounts and Identities screen opens.

Click on the [Add Identity] button. The Define Identity screen opens.

Enter a name for the identity, select an account from the list of Available Accounts, and then press the right arrow to move it into the Accounts in Identity box. Continue until all desired accounts are in the identity. Click [OK] to save the identity.

Tip: To map an identity to a LISTSERV user to enable single sign-on with the LISTSERV Web Interface, see Section 22 LISTSERV & LISTSERV Maestro Integration of the Administrator's Manual for LISTSERV Maestro.

Switching Between Accounts

If you are logged into the User Interface with an account that is part of an identity, and you wish to switch to another account in the identity, click Logout, and then select Switch Account.

The Switch User Account screen is displayed. Click on the User Account menu, and then select the account you want to switch to. Click [OK].

You are now logged in under the new account. If you later switch back to the previous account, Maestro will remember where you were when you switched out of that account and return you to that same place.

Single Sign-on with LISTSERV

If LISTSERV single sign-on is enabled, a LISTSERV menu is available in the Maestro User Interface, and a LISTSERV Maestro menu is available in the LISTSERV Web Interface to allow movement between the two interfaces without logging in again. If there are any publicly accessible datasets defined in Maestro, there is also a Member Area menu that leads to each of the dataset member areas.

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