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Permission Email Is More Relevant than Ever

Permission Email Is More Relevant than Ever with GDPR

Permission is in a brighter spotlight than ever before because of the sweeping consent requirements of the EU GDPR. The legislation applies to all organizations involved in processing personal data of European Union residents. Each organization is responsible for compliance. Double opt-in subscription confirmation in LISTSERV builds email recipients’ trust and can help with permission requirements.

All email is not created equal. Spam and other unwanted messages continue to create clutter for the estimated 3.7 billion consumer and business email users worldwide. What separates the wheat from the chaff? Trust, based on a foundation of strong permission.

"Virtually no one talked about permission marketing in 1993. Seth Godin first popularized the term in 1999. Email permission is an even bigger focus for digital marketers and communicators today because, for example, the GDPR is taking effect May 25th and requires prior consent to protect recipients."

Outi Tuomaala, EVP, L-Soft

Did you know that LISTSERV Inventor and L-Soft Founder and CEO Eric Thomas also invented the world's first subscription confirmation feature, known as double opt-in or confirmed opt-in? This innovation, in which people must actively subscribe to an email list and then reconfirm their permission to receive messages from that list, was released in the March 1993 version of LISTSERV. This strengthened consent, protected email lists and subscribers and unintentionally launched permission email as we know it today.

Ensure that your subscribers truly want to be on your email list by using double opt-in permission to get consent that is explicit, specific and confirmed.

View a 35-second video on permission and the GDPR:

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