The Heart of Email Communication:
Trends Come and Go, Human Connection is a Constant

The Heart of Email Communication

Thank you for being a LISTSERV at Work reader and welcome to a new decade of communication. 2020 and beyond are sure to be full of innovations and new trends for online communicators and marketers.

A few of the email communication and email marketing areas that are already in focus this year are:

  • Optimization of content
  • Subject lines and send timing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Analytics
  • Increase in video usage
  • Audience interaction and content input

And as you've probably seen, it's anticipated that AI will play a larger role in organizations' digital communications. Trends upon trends, from year to year.

When it comes down to it, though, communication is all about people reaching people and sharing something of value. Email groups and communities bring people together, whether it's people who are coping with rare diseases sharing support or a group of sports cars enthusiasts debating about the ultimate make and model. Email announcements and alerts keep people in-the-know and all types of organizations from schools to government agencies to businesses running smoothly, especially important in times of emergency. Email marketing newsletters and campaigns engage people around a product or service they enjoy or a membership association they're a part of, bringing the highest ROI for sender organizations.

And because communication, regardless of how technologically sophisticated, is ultimately for humankind, it's just as important as ever to ensure that we obtain explicit prior consent from subscribers, protect our recipients' data and build trust and positive relationships. This newsletter issue centers around new tools and fresh tips for your communications in 2020 – with people, our subscribers, at the heart of it all.

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