Issue 3, 2023
Permission Email Thriving at 30 Thanks to LISTSERV Software

By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communication, L-Soft
Did you know that double opt-in, or confirmed opt-in, launched permission email as we know and use it today? This novel innovation, requiring people to sign up to an email list and then to explicitly confirm their subscription, was first released in the March 1993 version of the LISTSERV email list management software. The double opt-in function continues to bolster consent and safeguard subscribers worldwide.
Permission Email Is Going Strong at 30

How can I import externally created newsletter templates into LISTSERV?
By Jani Kumpula
Senior Webmaster/UI Designer, L-Soft

You can use the HTML newsletter builder in LISTSERV to create templates to meet most needs. However, it's not uncommon for organizations to have existing newsletters that were designed for them, or templates that were created using a different tool. This tech tip shows how you can import externally created newsletters into LISTSERV and turn them into templates with a few simple tweaks, allowing you to send them to your existing LISTSERV email lists.
Email How-To Tip
How can I synchronize job delivery with subscribers imported from my external database?
By Robert Graf-Waczenski
Senior Applications Programmer, L-Soft

The new ability of LISTSERV Maestro 11.0 to attach the delivery of a mail job directly to running a subscriber data import makes many use cases possible that have been difficult to implement with earlier versions of the software. This tip describes how to use this option and how to benefit the most from it. It includes real-world examples of how you can use your external databases to boost engagement and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Six Reasons LISTSERV Technology Is a Go-To for Communication

By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communication, L-Soft
When it comes to IT applications, it's rare to see one that's been around for almost 40 years. The reason for the longevity is, in some ways, both simple and complex – a confluence of logos, pathos and ethos. Here are six key reasons why people in all types of organizations keep on turning to LISTSERV technology.
Communication and Collaboration

A+ Tools, Tips and Tech for Higher Education Communicators

By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communication, L-Soft
Managing a LISTSERV site for your campus communications? Keep your site and email lists running optimally with easy tips for branding, use cases of LISTSERV features in academia like dynamic query lists and more. Educational institutions like yours have relied on LISTSERV for discussion groups, announcements and newsletters for more than 35 years. We're here to help.
Higher Education Communicators

Let's Stay Connected
Let's Stay Connected
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