Issue 3, 2016
Email Inspiration: Why You Can't Afford Not to Use Email
By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communication, L-Soft
Email Inspiration: Education
Email Inspiration: Government
  • Alerting residents to a local weather or security emergency
  • Fostering cross-national research collaboration
  • Helping customers by sharing personalized tips and support
  • Serving as the go-to resource for an entire profession
  • Connecting people with cancer with lifesaving treatments

Whether you're looking to broaden your email list initiatives or starting from scratch, here are some resources with examples on specific ways that you can use email to achieve your organization's goals, increase revenue and better serve your customers or constituents.

Views from the Frontlines:
Interview with Dr. Manfred Bogen, Managing Director, L-Soft Germany
By L-Soft Staff
Dr. Manfred Bogen
In this interview, Dr. Manfred Bogen shares his thoughts about working with LISTSERV since the pre-Internet days and how he became involved with L-Soft to manage the development of LISTSERV Maestro.
"Email as such has come a long way. Today, you're able to transport reliably all kinds of information through email up to size limits that we didn't even dream about in the early days."

How can I split large LISTSERV message archives to improve performance?
By Ben Parker
Chief Corporate Consultant, L-Soft

Many lists have been running for a long time and have extensive message archives of past postings. This longevity is a tribute to the robustness of LISTSERV, but sometimes these very large archives can lead to performance problems. This tech tip examines a few ways that you can split large archives to improve performance.

LISTSERV Maestro Tech Tip
How can I get my email content to display well in mobile as well as desktop email clients?
By Johannes Hubert
Senior Applications Programmer, L-Soft

As everyone knows, usage of smartphones and other mobile devices has increased dramatically in recent years. Today's senders should assume that a large portion of subscribers will view their emails not in a standard desktop email client, but on some sort of mobile device, usually with a relatively small screen.

See LISTSERV Maestro in Action
LISTSERV Maestro Demo
Did you miss the news about LISTSERV Maestro 7.1, the latest release of L-Soft's opt-in email marketing and analytics solution? Check out the new LISTSERV Maestro demo and see how easily you can engage your subscribers with targeted campaigns and measure your success with real-time reporting and analytics.

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