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Issue 3, 2011
    Highlights of This Issue:

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Celebrating 25 Years of LISTSERV:
Recent Highlights

LISTSERV Choice Awards:
Five Finalists Determined

Adjusting Memory Allocation on Linux

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In this issue, you will find highlights from the LISTSERV 25th Anniversary celebrations, including a new video featuring LISTSERV Inventor and L-Soft Founder and CEO Eric Thomas. Do you know HPO? L-Soft is currently running a special offer, allowing you to test-drive LISTSERV High Performance Option for free, with no obligation, for one month. Also be sure to meet the five finalists in the LISTSERV Choice Awards – The Mailys – 2011. Who will win the grand prize? Stay tuned to LISTSERV at Work and L-Soft's social media channels so you don't miss any news or updates.


LISTSERV: Past, Present and Future


To commemorate 25 years of LISTSERV, L-Soft premiered a new video of Eric Thomas at the Washington, DC, party. Hear first-hand from the inventor how LISTSERV came to be, insights on keeping a product strong and evolving through two-and-a-half decades of massive change in the IT industry, and Eric's vision of the future of LISTSERV and email list technology. Also, stay tuned for an upcoming video on a current IT topic in the next issue.


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Cheers to LISTSERV on 25 Years

Photo Gallery

L-Soft's U.S. headquarters hosted an anniversary party for local customers at Brasserie Beck in Washington, DC, on September 22nd.

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"When MEDLAB-L was created in 1994 I had no idea how wide an audience could be reached and what good would ensue. Since then we've had thousands of medical laboratory professionals subscribed in over 50 countries. The list has been invaluable for lab professionals to ask questions and learn best practices from some of our most knowledgeable leaders. It's possible we've even saved a few lives over the years via the list."

– Pat Letendre, Canada


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LISTSERV HPO: Try the Elite Software Version for Free

By L-Soft Staff


LISTSERV HPO (High Performance Option) is the full, unlimited enterprise version of LISTSERV, precision-designed for large email lists and sites. As the top-of-the-line LISTSERV version, the key benefit of LISTSERV HPO compared to LISTSERV Classic is even faster and more efficient handling of large numbers of lists and subscribers, including the popular background distribute feature.

You can experience the unmatched power, scalability and speed of LISTSERV HPO for free, with no obligation, for one month. If you are already running LISTSERV 16.0, simply contact us to obtain a LISTSERV HPO License Activation Key (LAK). Powering up doesn't get much easier than that.


Celebrating 25 Years of LISTSERV: Recent Highlights

By L-Soft Staff

Anniversary Cake

With 2011 marking a quarter-century of LISTSERV software, which pioneered opt-in email list communication in 1986, here are some highlights of the recent celebrations.

People at more than 65 sites worldwide tuned into the live chat and videocast with LISTSERV Inventor and L-Soft Founder and CEO Eric Thomas on September 15th. Eric answered questions and gave expert perspective, touching on topics including the life-saving work of LISTSERV, social media, the cloud, and what it takes for a technology to evolve and stay in front for a quarter century. Did you miss the online party and live chat? You can view the complete transcript here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the LISTSERV 25th Anniversary celebrations.


LISTSERV Choice Awards: Five Finalists Determined

By L-Soft Staff

LISTSERV Choice Awards 2011

The five finalists in The Mailys 2011 – email lists that won the monthly voting contests and qualified for grand prize consideration – have now been determined. The L-Soft jury and CEO Eric Thomas will select the grand prize winner based on information provided by the nominators as well as the award jury's research. Judges will analyze content, email list activity, subscriber involvement, functionality, overall concept and innovative and effective use of LISTSERV technology with an eye to the overall success and benefit of the list. The grand prize winner will be announced at the end of 2011.

Thank you to all the lists and everyone who nominated and voted in this year's contest.


April Finalist: IWETEL 45.62%

April Vote »


May Finalist: BELG-L 43.10%

May Vote »


June Finalist: SHOWDOGS-L 24.64%

June Vote »


July Finalist: KIDNEY-ONC 29.60%

July Vote »


August Finalist: WORDS-L 52.39%

August Vote »


L-Soft Extends Special EASE Home Offer to Users of
AOL's Soon-To-Be-Closed Email List Hosting Service

By L-Soft Staff


AOL announced this week that it is closing its email list hosting service and urging list owners to secure another service before November 1st. L-Soft will provide all customers who transition their email lists from the current AOL hosting service to the EASE Home service, powered by LISTSERV software, with the first three months of service for free as a welcome offer. Following the first three months, standard EASE Home rates will apply.




Q: How can I adjust the amount of memory available to LISTSERV on my Linux system?

Answer by Liam Kelly
Senior Consulting Analyst, L-Soft

As with any application, LISTSERV must be allocated sufficient memory space in order to operate. When the available operating system memory is exhausted, applications can no longer operate normally. By far, the most common cause of LISTSERV application crashes on the Linux platform is memory limitation. Operations like indexing the notebooks of lists with especially large archives require a great deal of memory, and a failure of the operating system to allocate that memory can result in a crash. There are two ways to solve memory allocation problems: decrease the amount of memory requested (demand), or increase the amount of memory available (supply). A previous Tech Tip (Issue 2, 2007) discussed how to manage LISTSERV notebook files to reduce the amount of memory requested by LISTSERV. In this Tech Tip, we'll discuss how to manage the supply side of the equation.


Tech Tip: LISTSERV Maestro

LISTSERV Maestro Tech Tip

Q: How can I create my own LISTSERV Maestro newsletter template?

Answer by Ben Parker
Chief Corporate Consultant, L-Soft

LISTSERV Maestro provides a number of stock newsletter template designs, which are intended to be easily customizable for your use by adding logos, images, etc. However, you may wish to go further and create a fully personalized and designed template for your organization's use. This tech tip will outline a process for creating your own newsletter template. Some HTML coding skills are necessary to do this.


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