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L-Soft Updates LISTSERV Products
Opt-in Empowers Subscribers
LISTSERV, Maestro Tech Tips

L-Soft Announces Release of HDMail
L-Soft CEO Testifies at CA Senate Hearing
ELSA Wins LISTSERV Announcement Award

L-Soft Updates LISTSERV Products


L-Soft has announced the joint release of LISTSERV 14.5 and LISTSERV Maestro 2.1, a move that enhances the company's product line with DomainKeys support and a unique assessment feature to boost deliverability in today's email environment challenged by spam. Other new features include a customization wizard and simplified data warehouse administration for LISTSERV Maestro.

Email Marketing Today:
Opt-In Empowers Subscribers

Email has been around for more than three decades and has become one of the most ubiquitous tools on the Internet. Sending and receiving email messages has drastically improved the possibilities for individuals as well as companies and organizations to communicate with one another.

Tech Tip

Q: How can I best configure LISTSERV's Auto-Delete mechanism?

Answer by Liam Kelly
Senior Consulting Analyst, L-Soft

Properly configuring and tuning LISTSERV's auto-delete mechanism has multiple benefits for list owners and site administrators alike. It reduces the amount of time the list owner needs to spend handling bounces manually; it reduces the resources wasted by the SMTP server attempting delivery to invalid addresses; and it helps to prevent list mailings from being misidentified as spam due to high bounce rates.

Tech Tip

Q: Sending a mailing to all of our recipients at once causes large spikes in web site access since most of them tend to respond at the same time. How can we spread the mailing out to ease the load on our web site?

Answer by Françoise Becker
VP Software Engineering, L-Soft

By combining auto-repeat jobs and target groups with formulas, LISTSERV Maestro makes it quite simple to ease the load on your web site when sending a mailing to a large number of recipients in a Hosted Recipient List (HRL). This example illustrates one way to spread a mailing out over a specific period of time, sending to one-fourth of the recipient list every hour over 4 hours.

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L-Soft Announces Release of HDMail


L-Soft has released HDMail, a powerful mail server software product designed to combine the time-tested power and performance of LISTSERV with the speed and deliverability advantages of StrongMail's mail server technology. HDMail is available primarily as a rack-ready appliance, which includes hardware and software components in a turnkey solution. HDMail is also offered as a software solution for Linux. The new HDMail product is optimized to work with LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro. Special promotional prices are available until August 31, 2006.

L-Soft CEO Testifies at CA Senate Hearing on Email Certification

Challenges and potential solutions for email deliverability are generating substantial media and industry attention in recent weeks. On April 3, California State Senator Dean Florez held a hearing titled "AOL – You Have Certified Mail: Will Paid Email Lead to Separate, Unequal Systems or is it the Foolproof Answer to Spam?" featuring panels that included experts on spam issues, business, non-profit and community group members, email vendors, AOL representatives, and consumer groups. L-Soft Founder and CEO Eric Thomas was one of three industry experts invited to provide testimony.

Law Students' Association Wins
LISTSERV Announcement Award

L-Soft has chosen the European Law Students' Association (ELSA) as the winner of the LISTSERV Announcement Award in the 2005-06 LISTSERV Choice Awards program. ELSA, which is the largest independent law students' association in the world, uses LISTSERV lists to

LISTSERV Announcement Award

communicate with its membership of nearly 30,000 law students and recent graduates. A key highlight of ELSA's outstanding use of LISTSERV is its 14 tailored sub-lists, designed to meet the information needs of members with different interests and activity areas.

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Quote of the Issue

"People who are considering subscribing to our service tell me that they get too much email. I tell them that our LISTSERV® discussion list is the opposite of SPAM. It's what you want to see."

Liz Ryan
CEO and Founder of WorldWIT

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