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Section 31 Emergency Admin HUB Access

Section 31 Emergency Admin HUB Access
Login of the admin to the Administration Hub normally happens via the Maestro User Interface (LUI) login page. Under some circumstances, it may however happen that login to LUI is not possible so that the admin can not login either. This means that the admin also does not have access to the HUB. Now, if the reason for this problem is some sort of incorrect configuration in the HUB, for which the admin needs to login to the HUB to be able to fix the problem, then there is a catch-22 situation: The admin can not login to the HUB because of the problem, but to be able to fix it, he needs to login to the HUB.
For such a situation, there is an emergency login access directly to the HUB, via the HUB login page (instead of the LUI login page that is normally used). Normally, the HUB login page would not allow the admin to login but would instead redirect him to the LUI login page.
However, the HUB login page can be forced to allow a direct login, circumventing any problems with the LUI login. To force such a direct login, access the HUB login page with the following URL:
(where you replace “HOSTNAME” accordingly).
Then submit the admin password to login. You will now be logged in to the HUB, however without the option of switching over to the LUI interface.