Determines the server’s mode of operation with respect to peer LISTSERV servers running on other Internet hosts.






export RUNMODE




LISTSERV Classic or the non-free edition of LISTSERV Lite can operate in one of three modes:

      • Networked: in this mode, your server will connect to the worldwide LISTSERV backbone operated over the Internet, exchanging information with these other servers on a regular basis. This allows you, for instance, to keep a local database of all the available LISTSERV lists, to act as a redistribution point for all LISTSERV mail directed to users on your campus, to advertise your lists in the worldwide list of lists, etc. Networked mode requires a number of special tables, which must be updated on a regular basis, and 24h uptime. Thus, this mode is not suitable for servers with dial-up connectivity.
      • Tableless: in this mode, your server accesses the worldwide LISTSERV backbone through another LISTSERV site (which must be running in Networked mode with full backbone status). Your server still has access to the data available to backbone servers, but doesn’t need to maintain any LISTSERV table (hence the name). This is the preferred mode for dial-up servers and for small servers where the overhead of maintaining the server should be kept to a minimum. Unless you know of a specific LISTSERV backbone site that is willing to allow you to do lookups, you should use SWGATE.LSOFT.COM for the lookup site.
      • Standalone: this mode is for servers that are not connected to the Internet, or that operate in a "closed" environment where outside communication is not desired. The server will not communicate with any of the other LISTSERV servers on the Internet. As such, it will not have access to the list of lists or to other Internet LISTSERV resources.

The traditional academic servers operate in Networked mode. This is the default mode for everything but the LISTSERV Lite Free Edition.

Default Value

Tableless for all Lite versions, networked for all others. The value cannot be changed under the Lite "Free Edition". Note that if a host is not defined when running in TABLELESS mode, LISTSERV defaults to using the host SWGATE.LSOFT.COM for lookups.


Not allowed.