Non-z/VM, with web archive interface enabled.


Sets site-level maximum and (optionally) minimum number of words for implicitly-generated RSS abstracts.



<not available>







RSS support in LISTSERV's web archive interface includes RSS abstracts, which are available in your RSS feed by default.

DOCUMENTED RESTRICTION: If you are upgrading your site from an older version, the web indexes must be recreated to add the abstracts. This is a one-time operation that could take a while on a large site and is better left to be scheduled by the administrator. The REINDEX command is available for this purpose.

An abstract is either generated implicitly from the existing text of the message, or may be specified explicitly. For details regarding the construction of explicit abstracts, which are not controlled by this site configuration variable, please see either the List Owner's Manual or the Site Manager's Manual for LISTSERV.

RSS_ABSTRACT_WORDS sets the site default for the size and/or the presence of the abstract in the feed.  It may be overridden at the list level by the RSS-Abstract-Words= list header keyword.

When constructing an implicit abstract, LISTSERV stops at the first paragraph boundary after which it has collected at least 'min' words, adding an ellipsis if there is more text (compliant signatures are ignored). If there is an explicit abstract, the min and max parameters are ignored and the abstract is whatever the user entered. If the stop-on-paragraph-end feature is not desired, simply set "min" to the same value as "max".

If RSS abstracts are not desired, setting the maximum to 0 disables the abstract altogether.

In all cases, RSS_ABSTRACT_WORDS and/or RSS-Abstract-Words may be changed at will, with the change taking effect "from now on." In order to make the new value take effect retroactively, the indexes must be rebuilt manually. Because of the resource-intensive nature of the REINDEX command, this is not automatic, and must be performed manually by the LISTSERV maintainer.

Default Value

Maximum 100, minimum 50.