LISTSERV is able to automatically process Feedback Loop reports, which are sent automatically by some ISPs, such as AOL and Yahoo!, to organizations that are on their whitelist. Once configured, LISTSERV automatically parses the reports and implements the actions required by the whitelist agreement. This helps preserve whitelist status and reduce the number of spam complaints from subscribers.

Use of this feature assumes you already have a feedback loop in place as part of your ISPs whitelist agreement and are able to redirect the feedback loop reports to a new address.


6.1 Configuring the SPAM_FEEDBACK_PROBE Variable

6.2 Configuring the SPAM_FEEDBACK_ACTION Configuration Variable

6.3 Configuring the SPAM_FEEDBACK_EXCLUDE Variables

6.4 Testing

6.5 Challenges and Advice

6.6 Future Direction

6.7 Known issues and restrictions