The SPAM_FEEDBACK_ACTION variable determines what actions to take when LISTSERV receives spam complaints through Feedback Loops.

By default, when a spam complaint is received through a Feedback Loop, LISTSERV will:

    1. Immediately delete the user from all local LISTSERV lists, on the first spam report. This does not include Dynamic Query Lists, which are managed outside LISTSERV.
    2. Not send any notification to the user.
    3. Add the user to the spam feedback list with the NOMAIL option to keep a record of who has lodged spam complaints. The subscription date is set to the date of the first complaint and the last activity date is set to the date of the last complaint.
    4. Log a SPAM_COMPLAINT record to the list's change log, if one has been defined. You can use this information to remove the user from Dynamic Query Lists, if you have any such lists that may contain users.

To define in the Web Interface, expand Server Administration, then select Site Configuration. Click on the Anti-Spam button, and then define the value for SPAM_FEEDBACK_ACTION.

Possible definitions include (all space-separated actions are taken in turn):

    • DELETE: The user is deleted from all LISTSERV lists.
    • EXCLUDE: The user is added to the spam feedback lists with the NOMAIL option.
    • SERVEOFF: The user is served off.
    • SERVEDROP: The user is served off with the DROP option.
    • NONE: No action is taken other than logging an entry to the list's change log (if defined).
    • LOGALL: An advanced option for customers operating multiple LISTSERV instances, which collects a central copy of all spam reports and forces them to be logged on that instance even if the reports are for another instance.