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Table of Contents

Requirements for LISTSERV 16.0
Before Upgrading to LISTSERV 16.0
Unix: LDAP support is a prerequisite for LISTSERV 16.0
Currently Supported Operating Systems
Applying LISTSERV 16.0
Section 1 What’s New for Web Interface Users and List Owners
1.1 Unicode (UTF-8) Support
1.1.1 UTF-8 Archive Searches Known Issues
1.1.2 Troubleshooting a Page’s Displayed Character Set
1.2 Displaying Encoded Messages in the Body of a Digest
1.3 Defaults for New Lists
1.3.1 UTF-8 Compatible List Headers
1.3.2 New Default Bottom Banners
1.4 Working with Newsletter Templates
1.4.1 Creating Customized HTML Newsletters Selecting a Template Defining the Content Fine Tuning the Newsletter Testing and Sending the Newsletter
1.4.2 Using the HTML Mail Template Gallery
1.4.3 Setting Your Newsletter Profile Preferences
1.5 Using the Updated Message Posting Interface
1.5.1 Using the HTML Editor
1.6 Spam Checking Messages
1.7 Changes to the List Archives
1.7.1 New Archive Preferences
1.8 Changes to List and Subscriber Management
1.9 Downloading Reports as CSV Files
1.10 Daily Error Monitoring Report (DEMR) Changes
1.11 Rejecting Messages
1.12 Confirming Message Deletion
1.13 Miscellaneous Template Changes
1.13.1 Conditional Expression Evaluator for Templates
1.13.2 Subscription Date Variable for SIGNOFF1
1.13.3 Mail-Merge Fields
1.13.4 The Default Charset for Mail Templates
1.14 Forcing the Browser to Use a Specific Character Set
1.15 Setting the Login Cookie Expiration
1.16 Enabling Page Caching
1.17 Clearing the Command Line
1.18 ADD Command Changes
1.19 LISTSERV Maestro Integration Updates
1.20 LISTSERV Password Requirement Changes
Section 2 What’s New for the Site Administrator
2.1 Setting the DEBUG Parameters on the Fly
2.2 New SERVE OFF DROP Command
2.3 Defining the LDAP_PW_BIND Site Configuration Variable
2.4 Defining the Default Mail-Merge Site Configuration Keyword
2.4.1 Setting the Mail-Merge List Header Keyword
2.5 Resetting Site Configuration Variables
2.6 Using the SMTPL-Level Spam Control for Windows
2.6.1 Enabling
2.6.2 Configuring LISTSERV to Use SpamAssasin
2.7 Changes to Feedback Loop Auto-Processing
2.7.1 Configuring the SPAM_FEEDBACK_PROBE Variable
2.7.2 Configuring the SPAM_FEEDBACK_ACTION Variable
2.7.3 Configuring the SPAM_FEEDBACK_EXCLUDE_LIST Variable
2.8 Using the New Hosted Content Analysis Feature
2.9 Delayed Mailing List Posting
2.10 New DQL Exit Point Enhances Distributed Query List Processing
2.11 Improvements for Solaris
2.11.1 Configuring LISTSERV to use LDAP over SSL for the Solaris Operating System Generic Solaris Instructions Instructions for OpenLDAP SCENARIO 1: Solaris 10 with the Solaris 10 LISTERV kit SCENARIO 2: Solaris 9 with the Solaris 10 LISTSERV kit SCENARIO 3: Using the Solaris 8 LISTSERV Kit on any Version of Solaris SCENARIO 4: Solaris 8 with the Solaris 10 LISTSERV kit
2.11.2 Support for Solaris x64
2.12 Daily Changelog Updates
2.13 LISTSERV Password Requirement Changes

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