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This manual contains information on the new features associated with LISTSERV 16.0.
The following documentation conventions have been used in this manual:
Requirements for LISTSERV 16.0
Important: LISTSERV 16.0 requires a version 16.0 LAK!
You must obtain and install a LISTSERV version 16.0 product LAK or else LISTSERV will not start after the installation/upgrade.
Before Upgrading to LISTSERV 16.0
If you are upgrading from a version of LISTSERV prior to 15.5: Due to non-backward-compatible changes to the format of LISTSERV's SIGNUP files, and the addition of non-reversible subscriber password encryption, L-Soft STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that, prior to upgrading, a full backup be made of your LISTSERV installation.
Note: In all cases, a full backup of the existing LISTSERV installation is normally recommended.
Unix: LDAP support is a prerequisite for LISTSERV 16.0
LISTSERV 16.0 for Unix is built with LDAP support. This support is an integral part of LISTSERV and it cannot be disabled. Because of this, an appropriate LDAP implementation is required and must be installed on your machine. In some cases (particularly under Linux) the version of LDAP on our development machines may differ from that on your production or test machine.
If LDAP is already installed on your machine but you get errors indicating that LISTSERV cannot find the LDAP libraries, it should be possible to relink 'lsv' to realign the library pointers. In practice this will happen only when the precompiled 'lsv' is used; for sites that require DBMS functionality, the realignment will happen transparently. For information on LISTSERV/LDAP integration, please see the LISTSERV-LDAP Documentation, which is available separately.
Important: The ability to relink 'lsv' requires that a compiler (such as 'gcc') and the 'make' utility be installed on your machine.
Currently Supported Operating Systems
The following Windows Operating Systems are currently supported by LISTSERV 16.0:
IMPORTANT: Support for Windows 2000 is no longer available with the release of LISTSERV 16.0.
For information on the other operating systems supported by LISTSERV, go to:
Applying LISTSERV 16.0
Important: Install your LISTSERV 16.0 product LAK before upgrading. A valid product LAK (License Activation Key) with "REL=16.0" must be installed before upgrading or LISTSERV will not start after the upgrade.
If you have not received a LISTSERV 16.0 product LAK, please contact your sales representative or SALES@LSOFT.COM before upgrading
If your product LAK has EXP=NEVER, you will also need to install an appropriate LISTSERV maintenance LAK.
To find out if you can upgrade to LISTSERV 16.0 with your current LAKs, please issue a SHOW LICENSE command to LISTSERV and examine the response.
Sites running LISTSERV 14.4 or later may use the LAK input tool in the Web Administration interface to apply and check their new LAK before upgrading.
The installation kits found on L-Soft's web site can be used either to install a new copy of LISTSERV or to upgrade an existing installation. To download LISTSERV 16.0, simply go to L-Soft's Web site and download an evaluation copy of LISTSERV or LISTSERV Lite, then follow the installation instructions for your operating system.

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