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About this Manual
This manual contains information on the new features associated with LISTSERV Maestro 4.0.
The following documentation conventions have been used in this manual:
Unless otherwise specified, directory paths are for Microsoft Windows installations of LISTSERV Maestro. For Linux or Solaris, substitute the Maestro top-level directory for \Program Files\L-Soft\Application Server.
About LISTSERV Maestro 4.0
For information on the current LISTSERV Maestro version and build you are running, simply select the Utility menu from the Toolbar and then select About LISTSERV Maestro. The About LISTSERV Maestro screen opens, which lists the current build and version of your LISTSERV Maestro.
Figure 3-1 About LISTSERV Maestro Screen
This new About LISTSERV Maestro option is availble in both the User Interface and the Adminstration Interface.
Figure 3-2 The About Menu Option
LISTSERV Maestro 4.0 requires a valid maintenance LAK.
In addition, it also requires LISTSERV 15.6. The LISTSERV installer that is bundled with the Windows Setup Suite for LISTSERV Maestro 4.0 contains this version of LISTSERV.