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What’s New for Customizing LISTSERV® Maestro 3.1

What’s New for Customizing LISTSERV® Maestro 3.1
Creating and managing what your subscribers see has never been easier. LISTSERV Maestro 3.1 gives you the ability to create and manage message templates, along with the ability to further customize these templates. In addition, your subscriber pages now include customizable pages for the Forward-to-a-Friend feature. These enhancements are described in the following sections.
Creating and Administering Templates
Due to the addition of the new Message Templates feature, you can now create and manage these templates. After the administrator has given you the right to administer content templates, then the Utility menu will contain two new options – New Content Template and Content Templates. The New Content Templates option gives you several ways to create a new user-defined template by using your own content or previous job content; the Content Templates option lets you manage and copy any existing templates.
For more information, see the User’s Manual and Section 4 Creating Customized Message Templates.
The Forward-to-a-Friend Web Page
After enabling the Forward-to-a-Friend feature, you can customize all of the web pages the subscriber will encounter. The first page you will want to customize is the default Forward-to-a-Friend web page, which coordinates with the hosted list that was selected when the job’s recipients were defined.
In addition to the default Forward-to-a-Friend page, there are also several new Forward-to-a-Friend message pages. These messages include the “Forward to a Friend” Cancelled message, the “Forward to a Friend” Confirmation message, the Processing “Forward to a Friend” message, the “Forward to a Friend” Not Possible message, the No Unsubscribe After “Forward to a Friend” message, and the “Forward to a Friend” System Error message.
For information on customizing these pages, see Section 2 Customizing the Subscriber Interface.