LISTSERV Maestro User's Manual
What’s New in LISTSERV®Maestro 2.1
Section 1 Introduction to LISTSERV Maestro
Section 2 Understanding the LISTSERV Maestro Interface
Section 3 Using LISTSERV Maestro to Define an Email Job
Section 4 Defining Recipients of an Email Job
Section 5 Defining and Editing the Message for an Email Job
Section 6 Tracking
Section 7 Sender and Delivery Options
Section 8 The Outbox
Section 9 Delivered Jobs
Section 10 Tracking Statistics and Reports
    10.1 Tracking Reports
    10.1.1 General Settings
    10.1.2 Adding a Data Source
    10.1.3 Result Settings
    10.2 Executing Reports
    10.3 Event Distribution Report
    10.3.1 Viewing Event Distribution Reports
    10.3.2 Downloading Event Distribution Report Data
    10.3.3 Change Result Settings
    10.3.4 Editing a Report
    10.3.5 Creating a Report from a Template
    10.4 Sum of Events Report
    10.4.1 View
    10.4.2 Downloading Sum of Event Report Data
    10.4.3 Change Result Settings
    10.4.4 Editing a Report
    10.4.5 Creating a Report from a Template
    10.5 Recipients Details Reports
    10.5.1 Downloading Recipients Details Report Data
    10.5.2 Editing a Report
    10.5.3 Creating a Report from a Template
    10.6 Event Details Report
    10.6.1 Downloading Event Details Report Data
    10.6.2 Editing a Report
    10.6.3 Creating a Report from a Template
    10.7 Using the Excel Add-In
    10.7.1 Downloading the LISTSERV Maestro Excel Add-In
    10.7.2 Installing the LISTSERV Maestro Add-In into Excel
    10.7.3 Using the LISTSERV Maestro Excel Add-In
    10.7.4 Removing an Existing Version of the Add-In
Section 11 User Settings
Section 12 The Recipient Warehouse
Appendix A: 24 Hour Clock Time Conversion Table
Appendix B: Email and International Character Sets
Appendix C: About Comma Separated Format Recipient Files
Appendix D: Email Related RFCs
Appendix E: Using Conditional Blocks
Appendix F: Advanced Use of System Drop-Ins
Appendix G: Calculation Formulas
Appendix H: LISTSERV Maestro and AOL
Appendix I: Using Netscape or Mozilla Browsers with a Linux
Appendix J: Twenty Tips for Establishing a Successful Email
Glossary of Terms