LISTSERV Maestro Data Administrator's Manual
What’s New in LISTSERV®Maestro 2.1
Section 1 Introduction to LISTSERV Maestro 2.1
Section 2 Data Administration in LISTSERV Maestro
Section 3 Introduction to Hosted Data
Section 4 The Recipient Warehouse
Section 5 Introduction to Hosted Mailing Lists
Section 6 Creating Hosted Recipient Lists
Section 7 Creating Hosted LISTSERV Lists
Section 8 Organizing Datasets
Section 9 Adding and Maintaining Dataset Members and List
Section 10 Allowing Members to Join a Dataset
Section 11 Subscribers Access Web Page URLs and Customization
Section 12 Introduction to Recipient Target Groups
Section 13 Hosted Recipient List Target Groups
Section 14 Classic LISTSERV List Target Groups
Section 15 Target Groups Based on an Uploaded Text File
Section 16 Target Groups from a Database Accessed by LISTSERV Maestro
Section 17 Target Groups from a Database Accessed by LISTSERV
Section 18 Defining Parameters
Section 19 Using Enabled Target Groups in the Recipients Wizard
Appendix A: Using Formulas in Hosted Recipient List Target
Appendix B: About Comma Separated Files
Appendix C: Email and International Character Sets
Appendix D: Building Hosted Recipient Queries
    Editing the Condition Tree
    Combination Operator Nodes
    Normal Condition Nodes
    Left Operand
    Right Operand
    Formulas in Conditions
    Parameters in Conditions
    Job Based Condition Nodes
    Examining Tracking Events of the Source Job
    Additional Issues with Job Based Conditions and Tracking Events
Glossary of Terms