LISTSERV Maestro Administrators Manual
What’s New in LISTSERV®Maestro 2.1
Section 1 Introduction to LISTSERV® Maestro Administration
Section 2 Configuring LISTSERV Maestro for First Use
Section 3 Changing the Administrator Password
Section 4 The System Database
    4.1 Configuring the External System Database
    4.2 Preparing the System Database
    4.2.1 General System Database Preparation
    4.2.2 Preparing SQL Server as the System Database
    4.2.3 Preparing Oracle as the System Database
    4.2.4 Preparing DB2 as the System Database
    4.2.5 Preparing MySQL as the System Database
    4.3 General Optimization Hints for the System Database
    4.4 Removing and Adding the Internal Database
Section 5 Defining External Database Connections
Section 6 LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro
Section 7 Settings for the Maestro User Interface
Section 8 Administrative Policies
Section 9 Creating and Administering User Accounts
Section 10 Special Administrative User Account
Section 11 Saving and Restoring a Backup
Section 12 Using a LISTSERV Maestro Test-Bed Backup
Section 13 Maestro Logs
Section 14 Using Non-Standard Ports
Section 15 Defining IP Addresses
Section 16 Installing Behind a Firewall
Section 17 Restricting Access to Components
Section 18 Securing Access with SSL
Section 19 Tracking and Recipient Profiles
Section 20 Editing LISTSERV Maestro INI Files
Section 21 Distributed Components
Section 22 LISTSERV Maestro in Evaluation Mode
Section 23 Using International Character Sets
Section 24 Authenticating Message Origin with DomainKeys Signatures
Section 25 Adding Content to the Tomcat Server
Section 26 Adding the LISTSERV Web Interface to the Tomcat
Appendix A: LISTSERV Maestro Standard Default Ports
Glossary of Terms