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Table of Contents

Preface - About This Manual
Section 1 LISTSERV Template Types
1.1 Skins
1.2 Stylesheet
1.3 Entry Pages
1.4 Layout Templates
1.5 Body Templates
1.6 Object Templates
1.7 Text Templates
1.8 Help Templates
1.9 Helptext Templates
Section 2 Useful Templates for Customization
2.1 Global Header Template
2.2 Global Trailer Template
2.3 Global Help Header Template
2.4 Global Stylesheet Template
2.5 Global Text Template
2.6 Body of Server Archive Index Template
2.7 Body of Archive Index Page Templates
Section 3 Useful Templates for Advanced Customization
3.1 Global Layout Templates
3.2 Global Tabs and Global Body for Tabbed Pages Templates
3.3 Global Steps and Global Body for Stepped Pages Templates
3.4 Global Body for Untabbed Pages and for Untabbed Pages (Divided) Templates
3.5 Global Body for Blank Pages and for Blank Pages (Divided) Template
3.6 Global Body for Boxed Pages Template
3.7 Global Tables for Dashboards Templates
3.8 Global Navigation Templates
3.9 Global Login Information Template
3.10 Global Page Title Object Template