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Preface - About This Manual

Preface - About This Manual
The Web Interface and the underlying template structure were completely overhauled for LISTSERV 15.0. The goal of the changes was to separate design, text, and operational code into their own templates and template types. This separation allows server administrators and list owners to translate text or customize the appearance of the Web interface without having to deal with complicated template processing logic and risk breaking the interface. Previously, a page or section of the Web interface was often contained in its entirety in a single template. Now, the same page or section has been divided into dozens of smaller components. While this may seem more complicated at first glance, the idea behind the reorganization was to make development and customization easier. The majority of the new component templates are not meant to be edited. Most customization can be done by editing a small number of global and section-specific templates.
This manual seeks to reduce the learning curve and explain the different template types as well as the templates that are relevant for the most common types of customization.
Every effort has been made to ensure that this document is an accurate representation of the functionality of LISTSERV®. As with every software application, development continues after the documentation has gone to press so small inconsistencies may occur. We would appreciate any feedback on this manual. Send comments via email to: MANUALS@LSOFT.COM
The following documentation conventions have been used in this manual: