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L-Soft international, Inc.
List Owner's Manual
LISTSERV®, version 1.8c
August 18, 1997
Revision 2

The reference number of this document is 9708-UD-02.

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Appendix E: Acknowledgments


Over the years, a number of people have written valuable documentation of the LISTSERV product. This documentation was constantly consulted by this writer in the course of producing L-Soft's official manuals. In no particular order, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Lisa Covi, Ben Chi, Jim Gerland, Marty Hoag, and (of course) Eric Thomas in producing the basis for this work. Thanks also go to John Harlan for helping me get my start in owning lists. I wouldn't be writing this today without his initial willingness to assist me. And I promised myself that I wouldn't forget to mention Pete Weiss. Thanks for keeping me on my toes, Pete!

Another invaluable source of information was list owner discussion lists. Heavy use was made of the archives from LSTOWN-L@SEARN in particular. Thanks to the subscribers there who probably know LISTSERV better than anyone alive, aside from Eric.

Thanks also to Susan Lowell, Elena Nolen and Jim Jones of L-Soft for reading and making valuable comments on several drafts of the original release.

--Nathan Brindle (nathan@lsoft.com)

Acknowledgements for the 1.8c release

Over a year has passed, and quite a number of people have been involved in helping debug the original manual (which eventually reached a third major revision not long ago) and feed me ideas for the 1.8c manual. I'm sorry to say that I've not kept a list of everyone involved, but suffice it to say that if you sent me a comment, it was read and often implemented. So, thanks to our customers and users for their most valuable input.

Thanks also once again to people at L-Soft (Elena Hammond, Amy Farley, and of course Eric Thomas in particular) for their help during this process.

Keep those cards and letters coming! (But please, no virtual bouquets...:)

--Nathan Brindle (nathan@lsoft.com)

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