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L-Soft international, Inc.
List Owner's Manual
LISTSERV®, version 1.8c
August 18, 1997
Revision 2

The reference number of this document is 9708-UD-02.

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Appendix D: Related Documentation and Support

D.1. Official L-Soft Documentation

Subscribers to LISTSERV mailing lists will find answers to many of their questions in the User's Guide to LISTSERV Version 1.8c. This new manual has replaced the old "NSC93" document originally written for LISTSERV 1.8a.

LISTSERV maintainers will be interested in the Site Managerís Operations Manual for LISTSERV 1.8c.

All of L-Soft's manuals for LISTSERV are available in ascii-text format via LISTSERV and in popular word-processing formats via ftp.lsoft.com. They are also available on the World Wide Web at the following URL:


L-Soft invites comment on its manuals. Please feel free to send your comments via e-mail to MANUALS@LSOFT.COM.

D.2. User-Created Documentation

LISTSERV began as a non-commercial product, with fairly-complete but terse documentation. Over time, list owners and LISTSERV maintainers found that it was necessary to amplify some of the documentation, and wrote their own manuals. Some of these manuals, while they may be dated, are still of value and are still available.

D.2.1 LSVOWNER package available from UBVM

The LSVOWNER package contains some handy LISTSERV List Owner files created by Jim Gerland, gerland@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu. To have LISTSERV send you the files, send a GET LSVOWNER PACKAGE command to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU. Here are the files currently (12 August 1997) available:
  LSVOWNER READY	'Your List is Ready' boilerplate 
  LSVOWNER WELCOME	'Welcome to this list' boilerplate
  LSVOWNER TXT		Generic List Owner Instructions
  LSVOWNER NEW-LIST 	New List Announcement boilerplate
  LSVOWNER GATEWAY  	USENET News Gateway boilerplate
  LSVOWNER HEADERS  	List header instructions

The files can also be viewed on the Web at http://listserv.buffalo.edu/owner/


LISTSERV TIPS is a document with the formal title "List Management Tips for LISTSERV Postmasters and List Owners". It was compiled in 1991 by Lisa Covi. LISTSERV TIPS can be retrieved from the LISTSERV hosts at SEARN and UBVM (among others) with the usual GET command.

The basic document has never been updated and is very BITNET-oriented, but is still quite useful as a basic information source on running a list. To view LISTSERV TIPS on the World Wide Web, see Holly Stowe's LISTSERV FAQ.

You can also go directly to LISTSERV TIPS.


FSV GUIDE (formal title: "Setting Up the LISTSERV File Server - A Beginner's Guide") is really aimed at LISTSERV maintainers, but it is a handy guide for list owners who have filelists on VM systems as well. Ben Chi (bec@albany.edu) is the author of this fine document about the VM LISTSERV file server system. You can get a copy from LISTSERV@ALBANY.EDU.

D.2.4. NetNews Gatewaying

(See also Chapter 10)

The following files are available from LISTSERV@AMERICAN.EDU (and also by anonymous ftp to american.edu (cd netnews)) relating to the NetNews gatewaying service there.

  NETGATE   POLICY	Procedure for Establishing a Gateway
  NETGATE   GATELIST	List of Gatewayed LISTSERV Lists
  NETGATE   MODLIST	Similar to news.admin Post
You can subscribe to the package by sending an AFD ADD NETGATE PACKAGE command. You will then receive a new version of the file as updates are received by the server, with only the updated files being sent to you. You can also subscribe to File Update Information notices for the package by sending a FUI ADD NETGATE PACKAGE command.
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