Top Six Reasons to Get or Upgrade to LISTSERV® Maestro 10.0

Top Six Reasons to Get or Upgrade to LISTSERV® Maestro 10.0

"With LISTSERV® Maestro, senders have full control over which metrics to track – such as clicks, conversions and social media shares – and the degree of personally identifiable information to collect, making it easier to comply with relevant data privacy and protection laws worldwide, for instance the European Union's GDPR."

- Johannes Hubert, Senior Applications Programmer

As communicators or administrators in organizations sending email marketing and other database-driven communications, you deserve highly effective tools and best practices. Make the most of your communications and meet the moment in the privacy era with the newly launched LISTSERV Maestro 10.0 email marketing and analytics software.

  • Catch the Eyes of Your Audiences

    Challenging to reach your recipients amid overflowing in-boxes?

    Stand out with ready-to-use responsive newsletters and announcement templates, customizable to your organization's needs and branding, with no need for HTML coding.
  • Ensure Compliance, Honor Subscriber Preferences

    Need clarity on email tracking and data handling in the privacy age?

    Keep on tracking – the right way – utilizing our industry-unique tracking and reporting permissions across multiple distinct levels. Choose from anonymous tracking or more detailed personal tracking with full consent. You can even turn off open-up tracking completely now that the industry stats are being affected by the introduction of MPP, and other privacy measures, allowing you to focus on more important engagement metrics.
  • Take Your Message Design Up a Notch

    Want your messages and subscriber pages to feel tailor-made and unified for familiarity and trust?

    Select from a wide range of web fonts to wow your recipients and users with rich typographical design for email templates and subscriber pages that pop.
  • Save Time with File Sharing + Hosted Attachments

    Looking to make your email campaign set up quicker and more efficient?

    Streamline your process by uploading your files in LISTSERV Maestro, which does double-duty as a file-sharing platform. Embed automatically generated and trackable links in your messages for your subscribers to download your files.
  • Send Smartly + Compare Recipient Activities on Mobile vs Other Devices

    Seeking the ideal message delivery timing for best results?

    Interested in comparing subscriber actions on mobile vs other devices? The rich reporting and multi-dimensional analytics of LISTSERV Maestro help you find optimal delivery days and times. Distinguish between mobile tracking events vs other devices to analyze the share of subscriber activity that occurs on each type of device.
  • Make Subscriber Management Easier with API + Improved List Management

    Ready to speed up subscriber and list management tasks?

    The new API and updated subscriber warehouse of LISTSERV Maestro help you grow your email lists. The API allows an external script to submit subscribe requests to a list. Or seamlessly, add people via an external form on your website. You can copy & paste subscriber lists and list groups, including profile fields.

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