LISTSERV at Work L-Soft
Issue 3, 2009


Eric Thomas Creates Award for World Wide Words In Celebration of L-Soft 15th Anniversary

L-Soft Founder and CEO Eric Thomas has chosen to honor World Wide Words with the 2008-09 Timeless Award, presented in commemoration of L-Soft's 15th Anniversary. This award was specially created for World Wide Words, which publishes a weekly e-magazine run on LISTSERV software featuring useful and interesting information on "international English from a British viewpoint" by Michael Quinion. It is distributed to some 30,000 English speakers worldwide via email in addition to 20,000 more who read the e-magazine through the separate RSS service.

The award's title captures the timeless appeal and power of cohesion of email lists that World Wide Words embodies with its dedicated subscriber base. The e-magazine has been distributed for many years with great success on LISTSERV software, with the edition of the web interface dating from 1999 and was the top vote-getting list in the LISTSERV Choice Awards public polls.

Michael Quinion, World Wide Words list owner and e-magazine author responded, "This is a wonderful surprise for the e-magazine, its many readers and for me. My aim over the 660-plus weekly issues of World Wide Words has been to communicate my own love of language to others who feel the same way and thereby to create a community of like-minded individuals. I'm also delighted to learn that ICORS has gained the LISTSERV Choice Grand Award. ICORS is a worthy winner to whom we all wish every success."

Quinion added, "Thanks are due to everybody on the World Wide Words list who voted for the e-magazine during the contest last winter. I greatly value their support and expressions of good feelings about the e-magazine and the Web site. Special thanks, of course, go to the managers and staff of the Linguist List at Eastern Michigan University (a special tip of the hat goes to Anthony Aristar and Susan Smith) who run the LISTSERV site and who have very kindly hosted World Wide Words on their system for more than a decade without asking for payment."

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