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"The L-Soft support team members are always trying their best to solve any technical issues or questions that a customer raises."

Have you been in touch with L-Soft support for help recently? If so, you may have "met" one of our newest team members: Support Engineer Lingxuan Chen, who primarily uses her nickname of "Linda".

Linda joined L-Soft in June 2023 after being referred by her friend Xinlu Shen, an L-Soft support engineer since May 2022.

"Xinlu talked about the culture at L-Soft, and I thought that I'd enjoy working here with friendly colleagues and the benefits, such as having my own office," Linda said.

Linda enjoys working with her support colleagues, including longtime senior support engineers. As a newer staff member, she knows they'll always have her back.

"Sometimes a customer might ask something that I don't know about yet. If so, I will either ask a colleague if needed or share documentation to help the customer," Linda said, adding "I like it when I get to learn something new."

When not helping people keep their LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro sites running smoothly, she spends her free time playing games with friends and watching anime. On the weekends, she likes exploring different restaurants.

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