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Ready for the New Authentication and Data Privacy Requirements?

New Authentication and Data Privacy Requirements

Consent. Security. Data privacy. We're navigating a wave of major new regulations and legislation, from the EU GDPR's sweeping requirements to the email authentication provisions in the U.S. Binding Operational Directive (BOD 18-01). Every organization is responsible for compliance.

Here are some helpful resources:

US BOD 18-01

  • LISTSERV enables you, as a government IT professional, to implement required authentication policies. The DMARC solution in LISTSERV is seamless, with no compromises or loss of functionality.
  • To properly comply with BOD 18-01, L-Soft recommends that all affected agencies upgrade to LISTSERV 16.0-2017a, the latest release version, now. This is a free upgrade for agencies with a current LISTSERV maintenance contract.
  • LISTSERV will include HSTS support in the upcoming LISTSERV 17.0, which will enable you to benefit from a secure HTTPS connection and help prevent hacking and phishing.


  • LISTSERV helps you to comply with the explicit consent requirement of the EU GDPR because it’s built on double opt-in.
  • LISTSERV helps to make compliance less of a chore for you because people can subscribe only with consent and can remove themselves from email lists by unsubscribing.

Remember, any organization – regardless of location – with subscribers in the EU must comply with the GDPR.

Download LISTSERV 16.0-2017a:

See official guidance on BOD 18-01 requirements:

See resources on the EU GDPR requirements:

GDPR Portal:

EU Resource:

UK Resource:

Additional Resources:

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