Perennial Practices for Powerful Email Communications

Perennial Practices for Powerful Email Communications

Sharing communications that resonate with our subscribers is always in season. And so are key best practices and tips that help us do just that, by earning subscriber trust, providing relevant content and growing our audiences.

Shine a Light on Building Trust

🌞 Don't keep your subscribers in the dark: Make your list's purpose, frequency and subscriber expectations clear.

🌱 Plant the seeds of trust: Only use double-opt in for list subscriptions. In other words, always ensure that you have specific, prior, explicit permission from people who join your list. And make it simple for them to unsubscribe with one click.

🌈 Show your true colors: Make sure that the "From" line states who you are. This can make or break your subscribers' trust.

"With LISTSERV software, the management and subscription procedures of the email lists are simple and flexible."

Ed Paynter
Sierra Club

Shower Your Audiences with Relevant Content

🌷 Put your best blooms on display: Write, edit, hone and polish your messages. Read them out loud. Use short, action-oriented subject lines that show subscribers there's value in opening the message.

🌲 Cultivate a familiar landscape: Take advantage of easy-to-use HTML templates, which help your readers recognize and remember you. Plus, you'll save time with subsequent mailings.

🌾 Share the harvest: Connect with your subscribers "on all channels" by optimizing your messages for all mobile devices.

🍂 Keep it clean and clear: Keep off-topic messages at bay, especially when it comes to discussion groups. Declutter, prune, repeat, and your content will shine through.

"GSI is truly a patient-driven organization, held together by the bonds of our email groups, which serve as our support system."

Ginger Sawyer
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Support International

Grow Your Audiences

🐝 Spread your seeds: Make it easy and consider incentives for your recipients to share your content and lists with their networks, near and far.

🏹 Sow success by listening: Check in with your subscribers via quick polls or short surveys from time to time. Ask them to update their profile information as needed. Then you can customize your messages to better match your audiences' needs and preferences.

🌜 Grow from feedback: Get valuable feedback from people who unsubscribe from your list. Adding this to your automated farewell messages can shed some light for future improvements.

🌸 Behold the blossoms: Email is a powerful and the most widely used tool for professional, marketing and customer acquisition communications. Keep nurturing strong subscriber relationships and loyalty and enjoy the bountiful benefits of email best practices for your newsletters, discussion groups and email marketing campaigns.

"Now reaching everyone, or reaching only one group, is simple."

Karen Reznek
List Owner, Special Olympics MD, Prince Georges County

Happy Emailing!

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