L-Soft Discusses Mobile Email

The Who, a famous British rock band, sang about Going Mobile in 1971, on its album Who's Next. If going mobile on wheels was the tune back then, what does it mean now? L-Soft's Lars Nordstrom presented the challenges and opportunities of Going Mobile with E-mail at the Internet Marketing Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, in November.

As mobile broadband is surging, so is the use of different mobile applications, including web and email, in mobile and smart phones. Will the mobile phenomenon change email behavior – and if so how? Lars Nordstrom discussed important points and considerations for mobile email; here are his top three tips:

  • Always have a strong recipient permission; segment and customize the communication with mobile situations in mind. Be aware of the limitations.
  • High relevancy is a must. Make sure that your email design is tested for mobile use. Optimize email message with links, with a clear call for action steps.
  • Timing is an issue. The recipient is likely to glance while on the move. Provide easy reminder services.

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