Special 2017 Year-End Issue
Happy and Peaceful 2018
Dear Subscriber,

Permission email and the related handling of subscriber data were in the spotlight in 2017, with legislative and regulatory developments, particularly in the United States, Canada and the European Union. We welcome all changes that strengthen trust and nurture relationships between senders and subscribers.

Whether you've been connected to LISTSERV since the late 1980s or are a brand new reader, we invite you to browse through the story of your LISTSERV, highlighting some key innovations of email list communication.

Thank you for being a part of the LISTSERV community. We look forward to reconnecting in the new year and wish you a happy and peaceful 2018!

The Story of Your LISTSERV: Innovations for Senders and Subscribers
The Story of Your LISTSERV
Check out some key email innovations and milestones – you may be surprised – and see how to make even more of a difference with email in this collection of interactive infographics.


Ready for 2018?
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Ready for 2018?

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