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Extra Issue 2010
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Awards: RESADM-L Wins Grand Prize
Pyre of Spam Music Video Surprise
L-Soft Introduces EmailBits Microblog

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Welcome to an extra issue of LISTSERV at Work where we congratulate the Grand Prize Winner of this year's LISTSERV Choice Awards and introduce EmailBits, L-Soft's new microblog list, the first blog to be powered by LISTSERV® software. Also be sure to check out the music video for a not-to-be missed experience that we hope you'll share with your friends and associates. On behalf of the L-Soft global family, we wish you all a Happy New Year!


L-Soft Introduces EmailBits

EmailBits is L-Soft's new microblog list, the first blog to be powered by LISTSERV® software. EmailBits offers quick access to the latest announcements, press articles, links and other news of interest to the wider LISTSERV community. EmailBits uses a not-yet-introduced feature of LISTSERV and allows us to test and further improve it. EmailBits is available through a browser, by subscribing to the RSS feed or as a traditional LISTSERV email list.



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LISTSERV Choice Awards: RESADM-L Wins Grand Prize

By L-Soft Staff

LISTSERV Choice Awards

An L-Soft jury has named the Research Administration Discussion List (RESADM-L) the Grand Prize winner in the 2009-10 competition, known as The Mailys. Upon learning of RESADM-L's award, Administrator Mike Varney of HRI remarks:

"On behalf of Health Research, Inc. and the RESADM-L community, I'd like to express our excitement for receiving this award for 2009-10. HRI and the research administration community as a whole are all greatly benefited by being able to use a resource such as the RESADM-L list to discuss topics such as funding/application rules, technology woes, job opportunities, and yes, even pass along a little humor from time to time. We are all proud to be held up as a model example of how this technology can be used to enhance communication with our peers in the industry."


Permission Man Performs Pyre of Spam

Enjoy L-Soft's Just-Released Music Video on YouTube

Permission Man Performs Pyre of Spam

Just who is Permission Man? Reveal the mystery and discover his in-box liberating superheroics. Check out Pyre of Spam – L-Soft's second annual musical surprise – on YouTube today. Please spread the word by sharing the video with colleagues, friends and family via email, Facebook and social media. And we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Happy holidays from the L-Soft global family, and best wishes for a 2011 of heroic efforts to defeat spam and defend permission email.


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