L-Soft Direct Introduced: Reseller Pricing Now Available for Customers

L-Soft now provides a new direct order service, L-Soft Direct, which is tailored toward customers who are willing to forgo traditional value-added account management servicing and pre-sales consultations from L-Soft in exchange for reseller pricing and a perk reward (in most cases, a license upgrade). It is another option for customers, in addition to traditional sales and service channels.

"L-Soft Direct is to sales what opt-in is to marketing. Our customers can now choose whether or not to enter into an account management relationship and receive follow-up sales calls related to their LISTSERV solutions," said Eric Thomas, CEO of L-Soft. "The key difference is that L-Soft Direct gives you a discount for opting out rather than in."

L-Soft Direct

L-Soft Direct purchases must be made from the resale office at L-Soft's headquarters.
To learn more about L-Soft Direct discounts and rewards, visit:

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