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Ben Parker, Chief Corporate Consultant at L-Soft, Retires after 20 Years

Ben Parker

Many L-Soft customers have worked with Ben Parker, who served as Chief Corporate Consultant at L-Soft for nearly 20 years, until he retired August 31st. Ben's expertise and easygoing, solution-oriented approach earned him positive feedback from customers and colleagues alike. Whether assisting a prospective customer with infrastructure questions, conducting complex migrations, providing training or giving insights and perspective, Ben brought his depth of knowledge of LISTSERV and his commitment to customers to every interaction.

On the topic of his favorite thing about LISTSERV, Ben shared:

"For LISTSERV, robustness – it never breaks and is always reliable. I've used LISTSERV since 1992, before the web interface was even added. In all that time it has always worked. You can make human mistakes like sending a corrupt email, but LISTSERV just handles it and sends you back a polite and understandable error message. I noted earlier that some customers and prospects have security concerns like how easy or hard is LISTSERV to crack. I have been trying for a long time, and I still haven't seen a successful hack except when someone chooses a weak or obvious personal password. And that's a human fault."

Thank you and best of luck to Ben for an enjoyable retirement.

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