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Section 20 Using Target Groups to Define Recipients

Section 20 Using Target Groups to Define Recipients
Once recipient target groups have been created and enabled by the data administrator, then they can be used in the Define Recipients wizard to define recipients for an email job. For more information on using the Define Recipients wizard, see the LISTSERV Maestro User's Manual.
The Define Recipient wizard is comprised of five separate screens. On Options screen, users can elect to Send to a Recipient target group. The Source screen will then contain a listing all of the available target groups. The data administrator may place target groups on this screen within categories for organizational purposes.
Figure 20-1 Source Screen for Recipient Target Groups
Use the drop-down menu to select a category (if appropriate). Once the category is selected, the target groups listed in the table will change to list only those in that category. To select a target group to use for the recipients list, click on the name of the target group. The Source screen will confirm the selection. If the selection is correct, click the
[Next ->] button. To change the target group, click the Select Different Target Group link.
Click [Next->] to continue onto the Source Details screen.
If there are parameters in the SQL statement, the Source Details screen will display the input values for the target group parameters. This screen will appear the same as the Input Preview screen does in the Target Group Definition wizard. Make the desired selections from the checkboxes, drop-down menus, and/or input boxes.
Figure 20-2 Define Recipients Using a Target Group
Click [Next->] to continue.
Note: Since all further settings, such as header usage and duplicate elimination, have already been defined during the creation of the target group, the Recipients Details screen is not necessary and there is no duplicate elimination item on the Summary screen. The Source Details screen will go directly to the Summary screen. From there, click the [Finish] button to save the recipient definition for the job and return to the Workflow diagram.