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Setup-Suite Manual for

LISTSERV® Maestro for
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Version 4.0



September 23, 2011

Build 18




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Preface – Required Resources

This document describes the Setup-Suite for the “Version 4.0 Build 18” release of LISTSERV® Maestro for Windows.

The information furnished in this document is meant as a very basic description of how to use the Setup-Suite to install a functioning default instance of LISTSERV Maestro that can be used “out-of-the-box”.
For more complex installations, please see the “Custom Setup” section in this document and also the more detailed “Installation Manual for LISTSERV Maestro” which is also part of the LISTSERV Maestro Setup-Suite distribution bundle.

Required Resources:

·         A computer with a supported Windows version, a suitable amount of free disk space, and to which you have “Administrator” access.
Supported Windows versions are: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

·         Access to an existing SMTP server (mail server) which shall be used for mail deliveries (either installed on the same or a different computer in the network).

Windows 2000 Note: LISTSERV Maestro 4.0-18 itself can be installed on Windows 2000, but LISTSERV 16.0, which is also part of the LISTSERV Maestro 4.0-18 Setup-Suite, can not be installed on Windows 2000. On Windows 2000, the setup wizard will therefore not offer you the option to install LISTSERV 16.0 (or to upgrade an existing LISTSERV installation to 16.0). It will only offer the option to install LISTSERV Maestro 4.0-18 itself (or to upgrade an existing LISTSERV Maestro installation to 4.0-18). If LISTSERV 15.5 is already installed, you will have to continue using this older LISTSERV version. Or if no LISTSERV is installed, you will either have to obtain and install LISTSERV 15.5 separately, or connect LISTSERV Maestro to a LISTSERV instance on another computer.

1 The LISTSERV Maestro Setup-Suite

The LISTSERV Maestro package is comprised of two products that need to be installed for the application to work. These products are:

·         LISTSERV Maestro 4.0-18: The e-mail marketing front-end for management of targeted mailings, recipient data, and tracking information.

·         LISTSERV 16.0: The underlying engine for processing mailing lists and mailings.

The LISTSERV Maestro Setup-Suite makes it very simple to install these products. Two types of setup are available:

The Express Setup installs both products on one server, with minimal user input required and using default settings wherever possible. This setup type is easy to run and requires no previous knowledge of any of the products. LISTSERV Maestro will be ready to run immediately after the installation without further configuration. In fact, it can even be started from inside the

The Custom Setup allows you to decide which of the products you want to install on a given server, making it possible to distribute LISTSERV Maestro over separate servers. You can also decide how to configure each of the applications. To use the custom setup, a more in-depth knowledge of your system is required. You need to understand your internal and external networks, know your specific requirements, and be familiar with server applications and networking. The custom setup may also require additional configuration after the actual installation is complete before LISTSERV Maestro can be fully used.

The Setup-Suite can be used both for a fresh install and for upgrading an existing installation.

1.1 Express Setup

For the Express Setup, run the LISTSERV Maestro Setup-Suite on the server where you want to install LISTSERV Maestro by executing this file:


This will start the Setup-Suite wizard, guiding you through all of the steps of the installation.

To perform an Express Setup, choose the corresponding LISTSERV Maestro “Express” Setup option on the Setup Type page of the wizard.

During the course of the wizard, you will be queried for the following settings:

·         Application Target Folder: Select the folder where LISTSERV Maestro will be installed. You must select either a folder that does not yet exist (in which case the folder will be created by the setup) or an existing folder that does not yet contain any files or folders called “Application Server” or “LISTSERV”.

·         SMTP Server: Define the SMTP server (mail server) to use for mail deliveries with LISTSERV Maestro. You need to specify the host name where the server is running and the SMTP port of the server (usually “25”).

·         Passwords: Define the passwords for the administrator account and the included sample user account. The admin password is mandatory at this point. You will later need it to login to LISTSERV Maestro as the administrator. The sample account password is optional. If you do not specify one during installation, you can always assign a password to the sample account later, as the administrator.

·         Postmaster Address: Enter the e-mail address of the person (the “Postmaster”) who will be in charge of operating the LISTSERV instance that is part of the LISTSERV Maestro installation. This address must be a valid Internet e-mail address that belongs to an existing e-mail account. It will be used by LISTSERV to send administrative messages to.

·         Windows Service Account: LISTSERV Maestro runs as a set of Windows services on the server. Choose to either run the services as the default “LocalSystem” account or specify the name and password of a Windows account that shall be used to run the services (recommended for security purposes). The specified account will be granted the right to “Log on as service” (if it does not already own this right). Also, if the account does not yet exist, it will be created by the setup.

·         License Activation Keys: To fully enable all features of LISTSERV Maestro, you will need license activation keys (LAKs) for the LISTSERV product. If you do not supply the necessary LAKs, LISTSERV Maestro will initially run in evaluation mode only. You may then install the LAKs at any later time to fully enable the product.

Note: Please contact sales@lsoft.com for details about which kind of LAKs you need for LISTSERV Maestro and how to obtain them.

With these settings, the Setup-Suite will install a typical one-server instance of LISTSERV Maestro. Both the LISTSERV Maestro and LISTSERV products will be installed on the server where you run the Setup-Suite.

LISTSERV Maestro will be installed as a number of “Windows services”. These LISTSERV Maestro services will automatically be started at system startup, without the need to start each of them manually.

At the end of the installation, you can start LISTSERV Maestro by selecting the corresponding option on the last page of the Setup-Suite wizard. If you choose not to start the server at this time, you may always start it manually later, or it will be started automatically during the next system start-up.

After the Setup-Suite wizard finishes, a First-Steps welcome-page is displayed that gives you a short introduction to LISTSERV Maestro and explains how to access the application.

For more details about running and accessing the individual LISTSERV Maestro products, please see each product’s individual installation manual. All manuals are part of the distribution bundle containing the Setup-Suite.

Note: Express Setup is only available if none of the LISTSERV Maestro products is already installed on the server. If one or both products are already installed, Custom Setup is the only available option. See the following section for details.

1.2 Custom Setup

For the Custom Setup, start the LISTSERV Maestro Setup-Suite on the server where you want to install one or both of the products of LISTSERV Maestro by executing this file:


This will start the Setup-Suite wizard, guiding you through all of the steps of the installation.

To perform a Custom Setup, choose the corresponding Custom Setup option on the Setup Type page of the wizard.

During Custom Setup, you will have the option of running the individual setup for each of the LISTSERV Maestro products: The Individual Products Setup page contains a button for each product. By clicking the button, you can launch the individual setup of the corresponding product. After this individual setup completes, you will be returned to the Individual Products Setup page of the Setup-Suite and may select to setup further products or to finish the wizard.

Important: Please see also the installation manuals of the LISTSERV Maestro products for details about each individual setup and for more details about running and accessing the LISTSERV Maestro products. All manuals are part of the distribution bundle containing the Setup-Suite.

For further in-depth information that may be helpful before initiating an installation, please see the LISTSERV Maestro Administrator’s Manual (available at http://www.lsoft.com/manuals.html).