You need to execute "dbx lsv core" (or "gdb lsv core") and then type "where" (or "bt"). Then send this information to L-Soft can't debug the problem without this traceback. Don't send the core file itself as it is useless on any machine other than the one it was generated on.

Also, you should check go.user and go.sys for anything unusual that might have caused the dump. It will probably help (and save time) if you send copies of go.user and go.sys along with the dbx or gdb traceback. Be sure to "xxx" out the CREATEPW= setting in go.user before sending it.

Finally, please send the last 100 lines of 'listserv.log' along with your traceback. L-Soft needs this for context. (Please do not send the entire log if it is longer than that! The last 100 lines are usually sufficient.)

If you do not have either 'dbx' or 'gdb' but do have the 'adb' debugger, you need to execute "adb lsv core" followed by "c" in order to generate the traceback.