STOREPW is the password to be used by postmasters when executing CP/CMS commands and when storing files in the server by means of the PUTC command.


STOREPW= 'almighty'


If you do not want to allow remote file storing nor remote CP/CMS command execution, just set this variable to ''. Note that CP/CMS commands typed at the server's console will always be honored.

Although this variable is available under non-z/VM versions of LISTSERV, for non-z/VM it is functionally equivalent to CREATEPW and should simply be left unset, or set to the special value *NOPW*.

This setting is obsolete and deprecated, as all POSTMASTER-restricted commands can now be validated with the postmaster's personal password.  Setting STOREPW to the special value *NOPW* tells LISTSERV to disable STOREPW entirely.

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