Dotted-decimal IPv4 address which sets the IP address to which the SMTPL.EXE "listener" will bind at boot time.


Under normal circumstances it is not advisable to set this parameter. It is only for use when it becomes necessary to force SMTPL.EXE to "listen" out on a specific IP address (for instance, on a multi-homed machine you might have another mail server running on one IP address and LISTSERV/SMTPL running on another). This parameter would normally be set only if another SMTP mail application were running on the same machine as LISTSERV and it were necessary to divide the mail up based on the IP address. However, please note that this assumes that the other SMTP mailer is also able to listen out on a designated IP address, and that separate DNS entries have been established for each of the IP addresses assigned to the machine.

IPv6 addresses are not supported.



Default Value

Defaults to all valid IP addresses configured for the machine.


Not allowed.