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Information about library minidisks


MDISK.191 = 'A- N L L 85 95 //A(191) is the LISTSERV system minidisk.'  

MDISK.192 = 'D- N L L 100 100 //D(192) is LISTSERV''s scratch work disk.'


The 'MDISK.' stem defines various parameters associated with LISTSERV "library" minidisks, that is, minidisks on which LISTSERV might have to read or write list archives or library files (as opposed to "system" files like PROFILE EXEC or DATABASE FILE which are manipulated by LISTSERV but are not apparent to the users). The syntax of the assignment is the following:

MDISK.cuu = 'acc rw ro nl th1 th2 / wlist / wmsg'

The slash signs are used as separators. They allow for more parameters to be specified in future releases while ensuring compatibility.

      • CUU is the minidisk address (*three* hexadecimal digits), or the FULL name of the SFS directory (filepool:dirid), as returned by a QUERY ACCESSED command.
      • ACC indicates how the minidisk should be accessed. If it should be accessed permanently at a fixed filemode, just specify its filemode letter (eg 'F') and LISTSERV will access it during startup. If the disk has already been accessed by the PROFILE, append a dash to the filemode letter (as in 'A-') to bypass the ACCESS command. If the disk should be accessed dynamically (ie as the needs arise), specify '*' to let LISTSERV choose the filemode, '*S' to force the filemode to be in the T-Y range (for security reasons) or '*fm' to force a given filemode to be used for the disk (note that A,D and Z are reserved and cannot be specified in this fashion).
      • RW indicates what LISTSERV should do if the minidisk is found to be accessed in R/W status. 'N' means that this is a normal condition, 'W' means that a warning message should be issued (see below) and 'L' means that this is a fatal error and LISTSERV should log off.
      • RO is similar to RW and describes what happens if the minidisk is R/O; NL specifies what should be done if the minidisk is not linked.
      • TH1 is the %utilization threshold above which a warning message will be generated during startup. Specify 100 to bypass the test.
      • TH2 is the %utilization threshold above which LISTSERV will log off. Specify 100 to bypass the test.
      • WLIST is a blank-separated list of RFC822 addresses to be notified if something is wrong with the minidisk. Note that the postmasters are always notified, so that the default setting of WLIST (null string) actually means that the notification will be sent only to the postmasters.
      • MSG is an optional message to be appended to the standard error or warning messages generated by LISTSERV. This could, for example, contain some description of the contents of the minidisk.

Please note that only those CUUs listed in the CHECKMDISK variable will be verified at startup time. However, some of the information in the MDISK stem will be used when dynamically accessing libraries. The default settings for library minidisks which have not been described here is shown below.

Default Value

MDISK.cuu = '*S N N N 100 100//'


Not allowed.

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