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A list of domains and subdomains which should never be rewritten by the DMARC address rewriting function.










Under normal circumstances, when receiving mail for a list from a user in a domain that has a DMARC record containing "p=reject" or "p=quarantine", LISTSERV will by default rewrite From: line addresses into a format that will appear to be coming from the LISTSERV server's own NODE= address.  For instance, for a LISTSERV node known as LISTSERV.EXAMPLE.COM, mail coming from a user at (which has a restrictive DMARC policy) will be rewritten as something like


when their posting is sent out to the list. LISTSERV will keep a permanent record of that equivalency, so that future mail from that user will always be rewritten to that address, and so that replies to that address will always be forwarded to the user in question at (Note however that the user's real address is always preserved in the list archives.)

Organizations which use DMARC "p=reject" or "p=quarantine" for their own domain, and where the outbound MTA used by LISTSERV (i.e., in its SMTP_FORWARD_n= settings) is authorized to send from the organization's domain, may use the DMARC_NO_REWRITE configuration variable to prevent posters' addresses in their own domain from being rewritten, as may be desirable for policy or branding reasons.

Important:  This feature should not be used to simply disable DMARC rewriting altogether.  To do so will likely result in a great deal of LISTSERV mail not being delivered to domains that have "p=reject" or "p=quarantine" set in their DMARC record.  L-Soft will not be responsible for loss of mail due to the misuse of this feature.

Default Value

Set to null string, that is, LISTSERV will perform a DMARC rewrite for any domain configured with "p=reject" or "p=quarantine" in its DMARC DNS record.

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