Defines the address to which LISTSERV will send crash reports upon restart.




By default, LISTSERV crash reports are mailed to the LISTSERV maintainer(s). You can change the destination of these reports by adding a CRASH_MONITOR variable to your site configuration file (SITE.CFG for Windows) with the e-mail addresses to which the report should be mailed. Note that CRASH_MONITOR replaces the entire recipient list, so make sure that all the necessary addresses are listed. This configuration variable follows the same syntax rules as POSTMASTER.

Please do not add L-Soft mailboxes to CRASH_MONITOR without checking with our support group first. While we will be happy to receive these reports, we want to make sure that they are sent to the addresses where we can process them most efficiently. In particular, these reports should never be mailed to a support engineer's personal mailbox. Instead, we use special addresses where these reports are logged for future reference.

Default Value

Defaults to all non-quiet POSTMASTERs.


Not allowed.