Windows only


Defines the default hostname used by the LCMD interface




This variable allows you to specify the hostname used when you communicate with LISTSERV via the LCMD interface. For instance your LISTSERV host may be named LISTSERV.MYCORP.COM, in which case LCMD will identify you to LISTSERV as userid@LISTSERV.MYCORP.COM. This is fine as long as you have added this address to the POSTMASTER variable, but privileged commands will probably fail if you haven't (for instance you may be listed as userid@MYCORP.COM instead, which works fine via mail).

In order to simplify the issue and not have to code extra userids into the POSTMASTER variable just to be able to use LCMD, you can simply set CMDPIPE_HOSTNAME=MYCORP.COM and LCMD will issue commands from userid@MYCORP.COM instead of the default.

This setting is particularly useful for large list providers such as L-Soft itself, where there are many different nodes all operated by the same small group of people, and it would otherwise be difficult to keep track of personnel changes across the "farm" of machines.

Default Value

Defaults to the DNS A name of the LISTSERV host.


Not allowed.