Stats= Normal | None,access-level

This keyword is not available in LISTSERV Lite, or in any LISTSERV Classic/Classic HPO version except when running under IBM z/VM.

This keyword is obsolete and has absolutely no effect on all ports of the software except for z/VM. On non-z/VM servers it is provided for backwards compatibility only (i.e., for lists being migrated from z/VM) in order that any existing "Stats=" keyword setting in a migrated list header does not trigger a command parser error.

UNDER z/VM ONLY, indicates whether or not statistics are to be maintained for the list and if yes, which level of statistics is desired and who is able to retrieve the statistics reports. The default value is "Normal,Private".

Normal statistics include number of mailings for each user on the list, and similar information for file distribution.

Similar and more extensive statistics can be obtained for non-z/VM ports of LISTSERV through its web interface, by using the List Management/List Reports section of the server administration or list administration interface.