Sizelim= number | numberK | numberM

This keyword is not available in LISTSERV Lite.

If set, causes LISTSERV to reject all messages to the list which exceed the number of lines (including all Internet header lines) indicated. This can be helpful in discouraging subscribers from posting long screeds or uuencoded files to your lists. It can also be set higher than the LISTSERV default if desired; check with your LISTSERV maintainer before changing this upward. (Generally "Sizelim= 250", that is, 250 lines, is large enough for long plain text posts but short enough to discourage postings of uuencoded binaries or overly-large MIME attachments such as digital photos, but of course, your mileage may vary.  MIME and HTML messages containing a great deal of non-printing material will likely require a larger setting, of course.)

List owners alternately may specify a maximum message size in either kilobytes or megabytes, rather than in lines, if preferred.  For instance:

Sizelim= 100K                Reject messages over 100Kbytes

Sizelim= 1M                Reject messages over 1Mbyte

As before, the limit operates against the entire message file, including all Internet header lines.

The LISTSERV default for Sizelim= is determined by the value of the site configuration variable FILEMAXL, which in turn defaults to 500K lines.

It should be carefully noted that FILEMAXL itself does not control the maximum size of messages sent to the list.  Sizelim= simply uses the value of FILEMAXL as its default.