Sender= List | None

Sender= "list title <net-address>",ietf-address

This keyword is not available in LISTSERV Lite.

Please note carefully:  Setting this value DOES NOT change the RFC822 "From:" header.  Per standard, LISTSERV is not allowed to change the From: header, but must pass it through unchanged.

Used to define the value LISTSERV will place in the RFC822 "Sender:" field.  The second parameter is optional, and is included to allow the specification of a second mailbox for use with IETF headers.  The first value is used for non-IETF headers and is expected to contain the name and address of the list, or the keywords LIST or NONE.  The second mailbox is used for IETF headers; if it is omitted, the generic "owner-listname" mailbox is substituted.  Example:

* Sender= "Test List <TEST@LISTSERV.X.EDU>",

Note that the first address must be contained in quotes.