Owner= net-address1 | mon-address1,[Quiet:,]net-address2 | mon-address2,...

Defines the person or list of persons who "own" the list. They are responsible for controlling access to the list and defining the list control keywords which are best suited to the purpose of the list.

This keyword SHOULD ALWAYS appear in the list header.  If it does not, the default is the list of the userids of the non-quiet postmasters from LISTSERV's site configuration variable POSTMASTER=.

Any combination of explicit network addresses and complex access-levels is acceptable, for example:


An interesting application is to create a STAFF-L list containing the userids of all the local LISTSERV staff members and set the "Owner=" keyword of all local lists to "Owner= (STAFF-L)". This way when there is a change in the local LISTSERV management it is not necessary to modify the headers of all the lists – just modify the STAFF-L list.

The use of the "Quiet:" parameter causes all subsequently-defined list owners to be excluded from receiving any delivery error messages or other administrative mail from LISTSERV.

List owners may be defined on a single line or on multiple lines. See the List Owner’s Manual for details.