New-List= net-address

This keyword is not available in LISTSERV Lite.

This keyword may be set or altered only by the LISTSERV maintainer.

When a list is moved to a different LISTSERV host, this keyword can be added to the list header left on the original host. This facilitates forwarding of administrative commands and postings from the original host to the new host. Users posting to the old address will also receive a short note in return listing the new address.

Note that success in setting the "New-List=" keyword is dependent on whether or not you have deleted practically every other keyword other than "Owner=" from the list header. Since the use of "New-List=" is intended to be an automatic pointer to the new host and/or new list name, no other keywords should be defined. Keywords that would cause a problem will therefore generate fatal errors on a list PUT operation and the list header will not be updated.

Further note that the old list’s subscriber list cannot be modified once the "New-List=" parameter is defined. The appropriate sequence of operations is:

      1. Create the new list
      2. Move the subscribers to it
      3. DELETE oldlistname *@*
      4. Modify the header of the old list by deleting unneeded keywords and adding the "New-List=" keyword with its pointer to the new list.

Should this sequence not be followed, note that by removing the "New-List=" keyword, the old list will be unlocked and the subscriber list can then be deleted if desired.