Configuration-Owner= conf_owner[, conf_owner2][,...] 

This feature and keyword are not available in LISTSERV Lite, and can be set only by the LISTSERV maintainer.

This optional keyword setting defines which of the list owners defined in the Owner= keyword setting are authorized to change the list configuration. It is a LISTSERV ACL, much like "Review=", or "Send=" (if you disregard the special options that are specific to "Send="). The default value is "Configuration-Owner= Owner", which allows all addresses and access-levels listed in Owner= to modify the list header.

Note carefully that list owners who are not Configuration-Owners retain the right to change templates, add and delete users, change user options, GET and PUT archive files, and so forth.  The setting of Configuration-Owner for a given list restricts only the ability of non-Configuration-Owners to change the list header.

The definition of a conf_owner is a sub-set of access_level.  Valid conf_owners are

      • Owner
      • Postmaster
      • net-address (for instance,
      • Owner(listname)
      • (listname)


Configuration-Owner= Postmaster,(configownerlist)

Configuration-Owner= Owner,Owner(otherlist),

Configuration-Owner= (configownerlist)


The purpose of this keyword is to make it easier for LISTSERV administrators to manage non-technical list owners.  It allows the LISTSERV maintainer to create a list where the owner can manage subscriptions normally, but cannot make changes to the list configuration.

It is also possible with this keyword to create a separate mailing list of LISTSERV users who do not have full LISTSERV maintainer privileges, but can manage lists other than those they might own explicitly on the same server.

Please note carefully that any addresses specified in Configuration-Owner= must also be specified (either explicitly or as part of an access-level definition) in the Owner= setting for the list.