Confidential= No | Yes | Service

Indicates whether the list should be hidden from users or not. A confidential list will not appear on the "Lists" command output. "Confidential= No" is the default value and indicates that the list is not confidential. "Confidential= Service" indicates that the list is to be hidden from users who are not in the list's service area (see the "Service=" keyword) but not from other users. "Confidential= Yes" means that the list is unconditionally confidential.

Please note that the local list of (public) lists can be retrieved only by those users who are considered local, per the setting of the server-wide LOCAL= variable in LISTSERV's site configuration file. All other users will be told that none of the lists on the server are visible via the LISTS command, and will be referred to the use of the LISTS GLOBAL search-text command or to the CataList. This happens regardless of the setting of Confidential=.