Ack= Yes | Msg | No | None

Defines the default value of the "ACK/NOACK" distribution option for the corresponding list, that is, the value assigned to new users when they subscribe to the list. This value can be altered by subscribers ("SET" command), but not by users who are not signed on to the list. This means that this option will always be in effect when distributing mail from people who are not on the distribution list. The default is "Ack= No".


A short acknowledgment with statistical information on the mailing will be sent back to you.


Messages will be sent when your mail file is being processed. Statistical information will be sent via messages, but no acknowledgment mail will be sent. [BITNET only]


For Internet users, no acknowledgement will be sent. For BITNET users, a single interactive message will be sent as the message is processed. This is the default value.


No messages of any kind are sent when your mail file is processed. [same as No for non-BITNET]